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Modern Architecture


Beginning with three generations of training in German craftsmanship

Combining studies in design and architecture

Accumulating an expansive history in commercial design and manufacturing

Resulting in the formation of Design By Kor in 2008


Our experience has taught us that clients want their process to be simple.
We understand this and have developed practices that ensure our client’s have a transparent and a seamless process from design to hand-over.

Your dedicated project manager will work with you through the whole process of your project. This helps support good communication and coordination, whilst fostering solid working relationships.


Our workplace safety record is spotless and we aim to keep it that way. We go above and beyond to ensure that all staff and everyone associated with the project are safe at all times. Our EH&S manager overseas the ongoing development of our HSEQ systems and processes for our people and worksites to make sure we comply at every level in our industry. All our raw materials we use meet the stringent Australian standards with regard to their composition and fire rating capabilities.



We are always seeking out sustainable alternatives and work practises to reduce our carbon footprint. Waste management and recycling are a big part of our philosophy, so, where we can, we will up-cycle or recycle correctly excess materials. This not only reduces our impact but can also save time and money on the final development

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