Design by Kor is able to use clever design and clean execution to create communal spaces that reflect the needs of the client,
while inviting communal engagement and interaction.




The Junction on level 1 is a vibrant outdoor space, amongst lush green landscaping, designed to create a park like setting that interconnects key stores such as the Pancake Parlour, Gami and The Bavarian.

Bespoke folded metal seating, in crisp powder coated white, inspire open air dining while grass wrapped pods become a picnic and conversation space for adults and a place to roll and play for children. Market umbrellas offer protection from the elements, while a full sized table tennis table in formed metal encourages competitive interaction.

The precinct is transformed at night by LED lighting. Each tree has also been carefully covered with bud lighting to enhance the ambience of late night shopping and dining. This appealing and flexible space brings a sense of nature to this precinct at Highpoint shopping centre and has been openly embraced by consumers.


Design by Kor in conjunction with Hot design and GPT have created a new outdoor retail and casual dining precinct. Taking inspiration from food truck parks and capitalising on the interest in pop-up stores and temporary retail spaces, four shipping containers and a significant landscape package have formed Highpoint’s IN:TRANSIT space, shaping a dynamic and non-permanent retail zone. Each container has had a variety of services added and incorporates bespoke customised joinery to cater for all tenancy types.

Kids Space

This interactive, high-tech space-themed play area has become the children’s hub of Box Hill Central Shopping Centre’s North precinct. It boasts a four metre, light up, sensory rocket ship with an enticing slide that encourages climbing. Soft flooring surfaces, interactive screens, graphic elements, large moonscapes and safety enclosures, invite children to play and offer parents respite. It even has its own reading nook stocked with books for the future astronaut.

Vicinity Foodcourt

American oak timber work, ceasarstone tops, commercial upholstery, powder coated metals and ornate marble detail complete this expansive project. Each precinct has the addition of Italian seating such as Trampoliere and Catifa 46. Polypropylene shells, natural oak, concrete finishes and metal details merge to reflect an open contemporary food hall experience.

Retail Retreat

Structural columns, spotted gum and powder coated metal work are punctuated by leather upholstery and organic landscaping to a create a variety of warm and inviting spaces to rest and regenerate throughout Level 2 and Level 3 of Highpoint Shopping Centre.


Industrial styling based on rusted metal fused with natural ash timber. Sharp lines enhance minimalist forms whilst inbuilt planters and natural greenery pay homage to biophillic design. Back dropped by bluestone tiling, raw metal and cutting edge clothing and food stores, the junction has become a popular meeting point for Highpoint Shopping Centre hipsters.


Utilising elements such as soft upholstery, painted plywood and timberwork, and interactive screens and sound sensors, we have created an enchanting play hub in Dandenong plaza. Oversized flowers, movable, soft upholstered cows, a huge barn style cubby and an upholstered pond area augment this playscape.

The Bird House

A large eco ply birdhouse cubbyhouse perched on a blackbutt deck is framed by bluebirds and acrylic clouds hanging from the ceiling. An enormous padded nest with upholstered eggs and ustomized recycled Tasmanian Oak stools and tables beckon youngsters to rest, draw and play.

Branches stretch out to all corners of the room from a magnificent timber trunk that suggests mothernature has found her way indoors. Magnetic birds, butterflies and caterpillars add colour and life to the walls while the specialised soft pour rubber floor space makes rolling, jumping and running safe for little ones with lots of energy. The Bird House’s organic feel calms, nourishes and sooths.


The Orchid

Centred in a circular shaped room and hiding the structural column is a huge timber trunk from which stems a hand painted feature of far reaching branches and leaves, filling the ceiling with life and colour. Apples and butterflies hang from the branches while upholstered apple shaped ottomans entice children to play. Tiger turf softens the floor space before wrapping itself around a custom-built grass bench bringing a sense of the outdoors in.

Glass fencing acts as a safety barriers allowing mother’s to tend to their infants in the adjoining feeding rooms while older siblings explore the orchid. Each feeding room has feeding stools, wall mounted child-feeding seats and ABA approved chairs. Practical, playful, safe and inviting, the orchid challenges our concepts of feeding rooms and creates a welcoming, adventurous retreat.

The Oracle

Corian skin wraps, lime washed plywood, illuminated graphics, solid American walnut seating and a circular floor plan were fused together to create this high tech information hub at Highpoint Shopping Centre. Design highlights include concealed hardware, locked wing shrouded maintenance doors, illuminated graphics and reverse routed lettering.